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This journal is semi-friends only. Most non-flocked entries will be polls, or posts on issues I feel should be seen by all. Personal matters will be posted friends only. If you feel we may get along, feel free to comment, I always enjoy making friends.
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(no subject)

So, I got banned from embodiment.

I am angry. But mostly, I am sad. It was such a good community, and Crissy the Bitchy ruined it. So, those of you who like journaling, please join

Embodiiment is the mission to write EVERYDAY in your paper journal!

Here you can find a ton of active great members who will ALWAYS inspire you!

Join to view others writing & art work in their journals, as well as share your own!

Anyone and everyone is welcome :)

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(no subject)

Tonight! I am trying to figure out how difficult it would be to move all the furniture so I can kill a black widow in the corner of the computer room. Also; AHHHHHHHHHH! BLACK WIDOW! KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!

Later: Icon meme!

eta: Oh, I am planning on making a blogspot ... blog so I can follow some people over there. Let me know if you have a blog there as well so I can follow you too.
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layout help

I hit the "view in my style" for one journal and now I can't view any other styles. All journals are in my style .... which is very annoying. Does anyone know how to fix this?